How to get more followers on twitter


New to twitter, don't worry ! We have some tips for you to get more followers.

Optimize your Twitter profile

Your Twitter profile is the centerpiece of your Twitter account. This is what most users check before hitting the follow button. So, before doing anything else, start by completing and optimizing your profile. 

Share relevant and useful content

People come to Twitter to take part in conversations and consume content they’re interested in. So to grow your followers, you have to make sure that your content appeals to your audience and adds value 

Be active

Twitter is a highly dynamic social platform that can handle a massive volume of tweets every day. In a platform where thousands of tweets are posted every minute, every tweet presents an opportunity to increase your visibility. 

Engage with other people’s mentions and retweets

A straightforward way of engaging audiences is retweeting their content. When other Twitter users mention you in a comment or tag you in their post, be sure to respond. This reinforces their engagement and makes other users more inclined to follow and engage with you in the future.

Use hashtags

Like other social platforms, using hashtags correctly can help get your tweets to the masses and expand your follower count. 

The best way to use hashtags is to look for trending hashtags that fit your editorial plan and include them in your tweets. When you engage your followers using hashtags, your tweets will be visible to audiences interested in the hashtag, which will increase your reach.