Twitter spaces: All you need to know


What are Twitter spaces ?

Spaces is a new Twitter feature that allows users to have live audio chats.

How Spaces work ?

When someone you follow starts or speaks in a Space on Twitter for iOS or Android, it will show up at the top of your timeline as a purple bubble for as long as it is live. You can use emojis to react to what you hear, check out any pinned Tweets, follow along with captions, Tweet or DM the Space, or request to speak when you join a Space as a listener.

Because spaces are public like a tweet, anyone, including those who do not follow you, can join.

When you create a Space, you have complete control over who speaks, what topics are discussed, and how the atmosphere is set. Invite people to join by tweeting or DM'ing them, then inviting them to talk directly from your Space. After then, talk about whatever is going on in your life, what's going on in the world...

How to start a Space ?

The creator of a Space is the Host. You can launch a Space in two ways:

  • long pressing on the Tweet compose on your Home timeline, and then tap new spaces icon.

  • Or, at the top of your timeline, tap on your profile image.

You can also schedule a Space for later. Choose the date and time you'd like your space to go live.

Where is Spaces available?

Anyone can join, listen, and speak in a Space on Twitter for iOS and Android. Currently, starting a Space on Web is not possible, but anyone can join and listen in a Space.